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Washington Top Projects

1. Project Name: Seattle Art Museum/Washington Mutual Building
Location: Seattle, WA,
General Contractor: Sellen Construction,
Project Cost: $300 million

2. Project Name: Radiological Waste Pretreatment Facility
Location: Richland, WA
General Contractor: Washington Group Int'l
Project Cost: $196 million

3. Project Name: Third Runway 2004-05 Embankment

Location: SeaTac, WA
General Contractor: TTI Consortium
Project Cost: $192.6 million

4. Project Name: Lincoln Square Mixed Use
Location: Bellevue, WA
General Contractor: Skanska USA
Project Cost: $135 million

5. Project Name: Link Light Rail Rainier Valley
Location: Rainier Valley, Seattle
General Contractor: RCI/Herzog
Project Cost: $120 million

6. Project Name: Snohomish County Campus Redevelopment
Location: Everett, WA
General Contractor: Mortenson
Project Cost: $110.0 million

7. Project Name: Link Light Rail & Central Ops & Maintenance
Location: Seattle, WA
General Contractor: Kiewit Pacific Co.
Project Cost: $94.7 million

8. Project Name: 2200 Westlake Urban Development
Location: Seattle
General Contractor: Turner Construction Company
Project Cost: $90 million

9. Project Name: Roosevelt High School Addn/Alts
Location: Seattle
General Contractor: Hoffman Construction Co. of Washington
Project Cost: $84.5

10. Project Name: Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel Retrofit
Location: Seattle
General Contractor: Balfour Beatty Construction Inc.
Project Cost: $82.7 million

11. Project Name: Grandview Wal-Mart
Location: Grandview, WA
General Contractor: JE Dunn Construction-Portland
Project Cost: $75 million

12. Project Name: Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Complex
Location: Vancouver, WA
General Contractor: Skanska USA
Project Cost: $75 million

13. Project Name: UW Ambulatory Surgery Treatment Pavilion
Location: Seattle, WA
General Contractor: Hoffman Construction Co. of Washington
Project Cost: $75 million

14. Project Name: Float Glass Manufacturing Facility
Location: Winlock, WA
General Contractor:
Project Cost: $75 million

15. Project Name: Children's Hospital Ambulatory Care Building
Location: Seattle
General Contractor: Sellen Construction
Project Cost: $75 million

16. Project Name: The Mercer
Location: Mercer Island, Wash
General Contractor: Express Construction
Project Cost: $75 million

17. Project Name: Stadium High School addn/alts
Location: Tacoma, Wash.
General Contractor: Skanska USA
Project Cost: $75 million

18. Project Name: Bellevue City Building Atls/Addns, Bellevue
Location: Bellevue, Wash.
General Contractor: Lease Crutcher Lewis
Project Cost: $71.4 million

19. Project Name: Central Terminal Expansion
Location: Sea Tac International Airport
General Contractor: JE Dunn Construction
Project Cost: $70.6 million

The new development will consist of two separate buildings - a 16-story museum building on First Avenue and a 42-story Washington Mutual tower behind it on Second Avenue. Twelve floors of the museum building will provide expansion space for the museum, while the top four floors will provide additional permanent office space for Washington Mutual.

Completion of the Supporting Structure Buildings is expected in 2007. The owner is the U.S. Department of Energy.

By the end of 2005, the Port of Seattle will bring in fill dirt, build embankment and retaining walls, relocate a portion of Miller Creek, relocate a portion of South 154 th/156th Street to accommodate the runways' safety area, and provide environmental mitigation and enhancements on 60-plus acres west of the runway site.

The 1.4 million-sq.-ft. Lincoln Square mixed-use project includes: retail, residential, office, entertainment and hotel components. Architect is Sclater Partners Architects, HVAC, McDonald Miller, Seattle; Electrical, Valley Electric, Everett.

The Scope of work is 4.3 miles long and includes road widening, track installation, station construction and utility relocation.

Snohomish County's $167 million campus redevelopment includes a multi-story detention facility, 160,000-sq-ft. administration building and 1,200-car parking garage

The 243,000-square-foot jail complex will contain 640 beds.

Central Link light rail is an ideal technology for moving people between their homes, jobs and other destinations amid the region's challenging geography of hills, valleys and water. Central Link's initial segment will move more than 42,000 people a day by 2020.
2200 Westlake is being developed by a joint venture of Vulcan and Milliken Development, both of Seattle . When completed in 2006, the oddly shaped block will contain a Pan Pacific Hotel, Whole Food Market and two condo towers, with a central plaza.

Hoffman Construction has completed 98 percent of the lower level foundations and wall systems in the new additions.

Slab on grade placement is ongoing in the new additions and is approximately 75 percent complete.

Balfour Beatty will retrofit the existing downtown Seattle Bus Tunnel and build a stub for rail car turnarounds.
The Grandview Wal-Mart was designed by Carter and Burgess and totals over 900,000-sq.ft.

Architect for the project is ZGF in Portland.

The 160,000-sq.-ft. facility is being built at Northeast Pacific Street and Montlake Boulevard, and will house multi-department ambulatory surgery and treatment areas, as well as ancillary services and faculty offices.

The proposal involves the construction and operation of a float glass manufacturing facility on a 140-acre site. In addition to on-site improvements, the project would require construction of a rail spur from the Burlington Northern Railroad main line located adjacent to SR 603 and utility extensions.

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